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Arbico Parrot Interview with The OWL Campus Founder

We are not there yet… Amuludun Toyosola, The OWL Campus Founder

The OWL Campus – Getting Mr Toyosola Amuludun for an interview was an unclean task, no thanks to his ever busy schedules but recently that obstacle was overcome as the lanky, multi-talented media personnel spoke to Arbico Parrot Correspondent Emmanuel Daraloye on what motivated him to start a campus website, his challenges and other related issues.

Trust me I won’t bore you with too much paragraph introduction, na just one I don write Nah, the edited part of the chit-chat is down below.

Arbico Parrot:  Can we meet you?

Am Toyosola Amuludun by name, a native of Ogun State, Ijebu ode to be precisely. A graduate of the Tai Solarin University of Education with BSc. Geography and Environmental Management (Edu.)

Arbico Parrot: What do you do for a living?

Am a media personnel who do creativity for a living. Am a Photographer, a cinematographer, a web developer, a graphic designer and a social media marketer. I do more of creative content development and marketing.

Arbico Parrot: Kindly tell us what Owl campus Media is all about sir

The OWL Campus Media…Hmmmmmm okay to make it more simple, the OWL Campus Media is media body that focuses on Students and Campus related activities with the aim of Connecting Students together while connecting them to information. To keep it simple is a media organization that wants to unify all Nigeria Student with quality and reliable information without leaving behind the vision to keep alive Student Memories.
When was it founded?
August 2014.

Arbico Parrot: What are the challenges you are facing as Regards the running of Owl campus Media?

Challenges… There are a lot of challenges in running the OWL Campus Media but one of the major ones is see commented people who want to grow with the idea. A lot of people have come but not all of them believe in the dream because is still a startup they want quick money.
Some time money also stands as a challenge, because is needed to carry out some important things which are not always available, but I don’t see money as one of the major challenges because I believe God had not given me the idea only, he makes the resources need available. I believe that all I need to succeed in this field is a plan and the skill have required, which will attract money. The money will come in when there is enough result to fertilizes the growth of the money needed.

Arbico Parrot: Since the inception of The OWL campus, what are the milestones event you have covered?

Milestone event… Hmmmmmm Every event to us is a Milestone event because we believe that their event makes our story, so we always see them as important to the success of the organization vision…

Yet there are still few we can mention, they are as follow

1. The University of Ilorin Health Week – 2017
2. The University of Abuja Carnival alongside their Student Union Week.
3. Re-Think Educative Empowerment Program in OAU.
4. Tai Solarin University of Education 2017 Students Union Week
5. Songo Birin Stage Play in FUTA.
6. Uniabuja 2017 Student Union Election
7. Oworin Meji Stage Play in TASUED

What we see in event that makes it a Milestone is not what other people see… The event must in one way or the other add great value to its audiences… Is not about big artists but big impact, not all about entertainment but Edutainment, not all about Fun but Memories.

Arbico Parrot: Out of this milestone event covered, Which of them is your favourite?

The University of Abuja Carnival alongside their Student Union Week Is full of creativity, exposure, tourist information, cultural information and new opportunities.

Arbico Parrot: Where do you see The OWL campus Media in the next five years?

Will God on our side, in the next five year we see The OWL Campus Media taking over all Nigeria Institution and be the best Student Media Organization. When any brand thinks of Student, we want them to think us first.

Arbico Parrot: How do you source for money in the running of this media outfit, also are there external support?

Source of Fund… The key answers is Unexplainable Source. God has been the biggest source of fund, he has been wonderful to us.
One of the key sources that we have is we believe in people around us. Money move all things but people great people make things happen. Who we are today is the support of God and people that surround us. No external support, we still hope for great people to support. We using this medium to call for support, we have great future with a wonderful plan. When thinking of where to invest think The OWL Campus Media

Arbico Parrot: You been mentioning God ever since this interview began, are you that religious Or you are the next Pastor WF Kumuyi in embryo?

Is all God, not because am that religious but the fact that my life from the beginning to where I am now is a question I keep asking myself, how am I doing it. When it comes down to The OWL Campus Media is a dream that came out of passion, a passion that came out of the one reason why am living. Brother, do you know how it looks, when everything around you is only giving reason to give up your dream but God is only using the reason why am alive life to keep it to where is it today.

Like what I have always tell people, The OWL Campus Media is not where we want it to be yet, not even 5% of the plan but we are not where we use to be. Glory be to his name. Is a big dream that requires time to make it a reality, the question is not if is going to be achievable but the question is will you be relevant then. Thanks to everyone who has always been there for us right from the first day of the dream till now, you all know yourself.

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