Certificate in Education (NCE) student of Adeyemi Federal University of Education are not crossing to Degree, this clarification is on the backdrop of messages and call we recieved from people during the week, some of the students who called us alleged that TASUED converted all their NCE students to Degree when they were upgraded to a University of Education in 2005.

But in an exclusive and extensive investiagation carried out by one of our correspondent Emmanuel Daraloye, Arbico Parrot can authoritatively tell our readers that this wasnt true, what TASUED did was to move the NCE students from the Main campus to their mini campus, they were never converted to Degree. The reason for moving the NCE to mini campus was because during the accreditation excercise carried out by the National University Commission(NCC), they frown at the ideal of keeping NCE and Degree withing the same campus. AFUED will likely take the same step too. The NCE students are hereby enjoined/Advised to perish any thought of being converted to degree.

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