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Adeola Becomes FUNAAB First Female Students Union President Against all Odd

FUNAAB first female Students Union President. Yesterday was the international women day, beyond the celebrations, excitement, exhortations and glint that grace the global event, there are trail blazers in the women’s world, people who have been able to distinguish themselves in the society, Tawakalitu Ola Adeola AKA D’Ola can be categorize into such group.

She made history recently by becoming the first female Student Union Government President of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State with a landmark vote of 2320 votes against three other opponents, Carbon 5 with 1032 votes, Provost with 68 votes and Egalitarian with 146 votes.

Few months towards the election, all odds were against her, She was intimidated, threaten even from her own department and faculty to drop out of the race, it was unheard of, a female contesting for the presidency, some even promised to buy the vice presidency nomination form for her if she steps down out of the presidency race, despite all this, she never chicken out, she stood her ground and became victorious.

FUNAAB first female Students Union President

“We’ve told her and advised her to contest for Vice President, she will definitely win. I don’t see her emerging as the President, let’s say the truth.”

Her own people had asked her to step down, yet people claim she’s still “stubborn” in her desires to be the Numero uno of the students union. There was a rumour that even spilled inferring that her roommates in the school hostel were also not supporting her. Sources also say her departmental mates advised her against contesting.

Civil Rights Activist Maya Angelou had people like Ola Adeola in mind when she said “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently”.

FUNAAB first female Students Union President

D’ola has a rich history, pedigree coupled with experience. Though not enough, she’s served as the Vice President of the Second Biggest Students’ Association in the school – NAAS.

D’ola has the mindset that, Men have occupied this position and haven’t brought a significant change or impact to the school. Why not throw in a different gender to try the seat of power.

However, not too many agree with this while others have the mindset that D’ola is a female and should be gunning for the Vice President instead. She’s just wasting her time, energy and resources in trying to make this work and it’s not going to work.

As she is set to take over the baton from the incumbent Students Union President Silver Ayobami, her story should be of great reference to the female world, enough of folding arms and doing nothing, they need to come out and exercise their franchise.

Results of the election goes thus

Office of the Public Relations
Waslaw (was unopposed) – 3,396

Office of the Sports Directorate
Omeiza – 2029
A. David – 1229
Void – 321
Rejected – 83

Office of Social Director
Preshiee – 1964
Pelexy – 1564
Void – 249
Rejected – 73

Office of the Treasury
MM – 861
Drey – 2495

Office of the Financial Secretary
Handy – 1841
Breeze – 1605
Void – 334
Rejected – 69

Welfare Director
Matom – 940
Shadow – 2618
Void – 257
Rejected – 36

Assisting General Secretary
Flexy – 1968
Prince Will – 1467
Void – 296
Rejected – 36

General Secretary
Bimfo – 1688
Ambowoo – 1873
Void – 283
Rejected – 102

Vice President
Toleen – 2012
Hon. Success – 1438
Void – 294
Rejected – 13

D’ola – 2320
Carbon 5 – 1032
Provost – 68
Egalitarian – 146


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