Skipping Class – If skipping classes is not a thing you enjoy doing as an undergraduate, you’ll most likely feel bad when you unintentionally skip one.

When this happens, you really don’t have to shame yourself or feel so guilty to the point that you begin to feel you’re the laziest student in the world.

If you skip a class as a result of any of the following reasons, please don’t get upset with yourself.

1. When you use the lecture time for an important assignment

5 times you should never feel guilty for skipping class
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There’s always that assignment that is so important that you can’t afford to ignore it. If a lecture time coincides with the time for the assignment, don’t feel bad if you skip class for such an assignment.

2. When the lecture is a waste of time

Yea, some lecturers can be very lazy to come to class at the appropriate time,  and when they do come they’ll come and sell books, give you handouts and end up teaching you nothing. Missing such a class shouldn’t upset you.

3. When you have a side hustle that pays your bills

5 ways to make extra cash on campus
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Your primary purpose of being a university is to make chase your academic dreams and make fine grades, right? Yes, you also need to make money as an undergrad. So, if a lecture disturbs a side hustle that pays your school fee, you may have to consider the side business and ignore the class but hey, don’t make it a habit.

4. When you’re not fine

When you miss a class because of health issues, don’t ever get bitter or get angry with yourself. Your well-being is more important. Even if your lecturer is aware of your state of health, he won’t advise you attend his/her class.

5. When you have a school engagement

5 times you should never feel guilty for skipping class
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If you’re a member of the school debate team, football team or music band and you miss a class or test while representing your school in a competition, don’t let it disturb you emotionally. Talk to the course lecturer about it and see if you have a chance to write your own test.

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