It’s been a while we heard of sex scandal involving lecturers and students coming from our campuses.

I remember this because I know it happens.

If you haven’t heard about it in a long while, it’s probably because the victims are not bold enough to expose Mr Lecturer.

Not all ladies in our higher institutions have the confidence to turn down a lecturer’s sexual advances

Don’t think this piece is out to disgrace lecturers. No, it is only teaching innocent ladies on campus to take caution.

Also, I am not saying our university and polytechnic lecturers are randy skirt chasers, but If you have been to higher institutions in Nigeria, you will understand the different ways a lecturer presents his sex agenda.

Stories of lecturers seeking sexual favours from students come in different ways.

When a lecturer uses any of these five ways to seek your attention

Depending on the lecturer, an easy going but randy lecturer would take a soft approach pretending to like you more than your parents, while a stern promiscuous one coerces students to surrender themselves for grades.

In any case, a randy lecturer will always make a move to endear himself to every skirt on campus.

So when you see him doing any of these five things, you should know the third leg is trying to walk its way into your heart.

1. When you fail his course repeatedly:

One of the most ”powerful” tools randy lecturers use to get their victim to bed is to score her low in all her tests and exams to ensure she fails the course. If the student fails to go to him to seek explanation, she will fail again and again.

Failure in this sense is ostensibly not by poor performance. It is far from it. It is a deliberate attempt by lecturers to bring a student to agree to sleep with them. And if she thinks she has ‘stronghead’ like alligator, the lecturer will find other ways like a fox.

And by the time she fails the course twice, she will see a reason to talk to Mr Randy about her carry-overs. Meetings between a lecturer like this and the student often end with…”you know what to do.’

Although there are female students who lead the lecturers on when they fail and instead of writing the carryovers, they choose the substitution method to balance the equation…you know what am saying?

2. When he criticises you every time:

The moment a lecturer begins to say negative things about you every time, he wants you to sexually atone for your sins.

You know the best way to kill a dog is to give it a bad name, same style is adopted here. Lecturers who use these tactics will tag the girl ‘olodo’ just to shame her. Will ask her questions outside the topic of discussion just to disgrace her.

It is a wicked tactic and if the lecturer does not get to the ‘root of the matter’, criticisms will follow such student like network wherever she goes. Other lecturers like him may also join to victimise the student. When this happens to you, ask your lecturer to tell you your offence.

3. When he loves to see you answer questions.

Others might think the lecturer is friendly, but there is an agenda behind the friendly face.

For instance, there are over hundred students in the class but throughout a whole week, Mr Lecturer is interested in calling a particular female student in the front row to answer all questions.

This might not be because the lady is outstandingly brilliant but because he wants to create the impression that she is brilliant and of course every lecturer likes brilliant students.

Lecturers like this won’t victimise the students they are crushing on. They will even dash you marks like father Chrismas. They will do everything to endear themselves to the students and before you say jack…

4.  When he looks for you every time.

When a lecturer asks a certain female student every now and then, something is up his sleeves.

This kind of lecturers seeks the attention of their crush at any given opportunity. When the lecturer’s office is only open to you and few others then all of you are in the same boat.

The lecturer is always in need of a certain female student. He always needs her to help him mark scripts, record exam scores and types some essay papers in his office. And whenever you are out of sight for some minutes, he would send the whole campus to look for you.

You may need to withdraw a little when you notice this.

5. When he starts calling and texting messages.

This is the peak when your lecturers call just to check on you and text message to remind you to take your study seriously at night before he goes to bed, then there is more to it.

Also, when you wake up to receive a message from the same lecturer wishing you best of luck in your test and you get another call at the end of the test asking you how the test or exam went, believe me, your lecturer is lusting after you.

These are some of the noticeable tactics randy lecturers employ to endear themselves to their target. If you know of other ways lecturers lure girls to bed share it with us in the comment sections.

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