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5 Best Ways to use WhatsApp as Student

Like other social media, WhatsApp has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide as recent findings revealed.

It is a very popular instant messaging platform that has eased the way we communicate. Nigerians most especially students are not left behind.

They are also active users of Facebook-owned WhatsApp. One area it is very useful is in the area of education. WhatsApp is really helping many of Nigerian students in her Ivory towers.

A recent study identifies some of the exciting and interesting ways WhatsApp is helping Nigerian students.

• Students no longer miss exams, classes, and assignment

Unlike in the past when there was no WhatsApp, many students have missed exams that were rescheduled. The same goes for classes and assignments. This is not the case today because they have WhatsApp groups where all students belong and where they share information. Students now largely depend on their classes what’s app group for updates, information.

• Better Interaction Between Lecturers and Students

Lecturers in Nigeria tertiary institutions have embraced WhatsApp as a means of communicating with their students through their what’s app group platform. They share times for lectures, assignments, and even lectures note through PDF files in the group. This will definitely reach every student as far as they are online. With the introduction of video calls feature on WhatsApp, lecturers can record students and share it with students.

• Bring Students Closer

With the nature of students in higher institution, assembling them might be challenging, thanks to WhatsApp which has been able to bridge the gap between students and bring them closer. In addition to this, it has become easier for them to take decisions as students, relates freely without distance barriers and foster unity among them.

Saves money and time

Whether you stay on or off campus, once you have been added to your class WhatsApp group, you will save money and time going to classes or exams which have been postponed or cancelled. You can focus on other things when you get the information.

  • A place to showcase talents and skills

For some students who are into entrepreneurship while in school, or talented in one area or the other now have the platform to sell themselves and what they do on campus through their class group which might eventually bring them to the limelight on campus.

In fact, some students are now seen as the new Dangote, Bill Gate, Funmi Alakija etc on WhatsApp as they often post their products, handwork and services they render for students to patronize them.

In conclusion, WhatsApp is meant to be used judiciously as it serves to be a tool for improving effective communication among its users. So, students are imploring to make effective uses of social media general in line in achieving their educational and career goals.



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