As a student, you might have at one point or the other consider Mathematics to be a problem in your academic life.

Many students lose interest in this subject for many reasons.

According to Professor Yewande Olubummo, the daughter of the first Mathematician in Nigeria, late Professor Adegoke Olubummo, a lot of people find math difficult because they didn’t have good teachers.

However, apart from mathematics teacher making it difficult for students to like the subject because he/she is not very good at teaching the subject, here are three reasons students may dislike the subject.

1. It can’t be committed to memory

5 reasons mathematics is your biggest nightmare
How do you commit this to memory? (Science)

Mathematics is not like Literature in English or Biology that talks about stories and define concepts respectively. Instead, it deals with numbers that can’t be committed to memory.

You just have to thoroughly understand it and get your answers right for any given equation or word problem. If you can’t do this, you’ll hate it.

2. They find it boring

5 reasons mathematics is your biggest nightmare
A lots of people hate mathematics at High School

Except a school has a teacher that entertains the class with relevant examples and brilliant analogies, students hardly enjoy mathematics class.

Some topics in mathematics make the class atmosphere gloomy, when the calculations and X finding moments reach its peak.

The students get lost in a sea of numbers colliding into one another in the hand of the teacher. And his effort to make them understand the topic makes him more to appear to be talking to himself because the subject is dull and unexciting to the bulk of the students.

3. Fear of humiliation

3 reasons many students find Mathematics difficult
Many students lose interest in this subject for many reasons (Deviant Art)

This is another major reason many students dislike this subject. There is no middle ground in mathematics, it is either you get it right or wrong and some students nurse the fear of not getting the right answer when given a classwork.

Such students often hide under the narrative that maths is boring and difficult to protect their lack of interest in the subject.


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