In what could be described as a funny scenario which occurred yesterday, one of the Presidential aspirant for the 2018 Tai Solarin University of Education Students Union Election misplaced his election form without a trace.

It was indeed a situation mixed with unfounded mystery over the form misplacement. The joy of the other aspirants has indeed kept him into sorrow as he won’t be able to aspire further in the 2018 TASUED Presidential race. In a similar vein, The aspirant also failed to meet up with the first screening.

Though with unconfirmed report, it was also rumored that he was listed among the students that was alleged in the result Upgrading in the University which still hope to see the outcome of the security screen.

Looking at the political terrain of the Students’ Union activities in TASUED, in the 5years in the history of the students’ unionism of TASUED, no returning executives of the student union has been able to make it back to the union for a second term, most especially the office of the welfare director which he also doubles as the outgoing welfare director of the regime which is gradually phasing out.

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