Most people are confused about the word LOVE because they have a messed up definition of what LOVE is all about e.g. Love is the feeling you feel when you feel the feeling you are feeling is a feeling you’ve never feltbefore! I beg to disagree that love isn’t about just feelings. From having spoken to a lot of people who have struggled through finding LOVE, I’ve come to the realization that LOVE IS’NT PERFECT, IT ISN’T A FAIRY TALE OR A STORY BOOK AND IT DOESN’T ALWAYS COME EASY. LOVE IS OVERCOMING OBSTACLES, FACING CHALLENGES, FIGHTING TO BE TOGETHER, HOLDING ON AND NEVER LETTING GO. LOVE IS WORK, BUT MOST OF ALL, LOVE IS REALIZING THAT EVERY HOUR, EVERY MINUTE,EVERY SECOND OF IT WAS WORTH IT BECAUSE YOU DID IT TOGETHER!

It’s mandatory you know about yourself, who you are, what your purpose is and have an adequate plan on how to get what you want, this will enable you establish a right relationship because LOVE IS NOT ABOUT FINDING THE RIGHT PERSON BUT CREATING A RIGHT RELATIONSHIP.ITS NOT ABOUT HOW MUCH LOVE YOU HAVE IN THE BEGINNING BUT HOW MUCH LOVE YOU BUILD TILL THE END.

Here are 14 ways to know its love—Real Love.

1. You feel compelled to be loyal.

2. You think of ways you will love them more than you think of the ways you hope they will love you.

3. You start compromising on things you thought you wouldn’t.

4. You’re happy when they are, because they are.

5. There is a sense of peace and ease that comes with the thought of them.

6. You feel challenged to be better.

7. You allow yourself to be vulnerable because you feel accepted unconditionally.

8. All of a sudden, you understand why so many people settle down.

9. You have a new-found understanding of and appreciation for your previously detrimental failed attempts at love.

10. Every part of this person enamors you. This is especially true in the beginning.

11. You keep coming back, no matter how hard it gets (and it will get hard).

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