Good day Arbicans, how are you guys doing and how has the semester break been?

In continuation of Arbico Parrot countdown, i bring to you the part 2 of 100 things you need to know about AFUED. My team and I will be giving you all you need to know about this great citadel of learning.

21.Prof.Olukoya Ogen:He was the institution’s former provost and now the Acting Vice Chancellor, he is a Professor of History and the first Alumnus to head AFUED.

22.Twin Hall: This is one of the finest lecture theatre in AFUED, it is divided into two section, we have Twin A and Twin B, each can accomodate 500 people at a time, the place far sha oh. Me sef dy fear the distance especially whenever i dy OBJ.

23.SUB: The Student Union Building popularly called SUG building is a place you dont want to miss out while in AFUED, office of the SUG exco are located withing this building, there is also a barbing saloon, cyber cafe, shop where students mostly type and make photocopies, eatry and also Arbico FM within this building, no matter wetin go happen, something must bring you come this building sha.

24.Prof.Sam: A young man, he is in charge of Arbico FM and also the chairman of Joint Press Club(JPC), just ask anybody on campus, he will show you this creative man.

25.Kunu Joint: Gone are the days Arbicans patronize Tantalizer(Now Defunct), we now patronize Kunu joint, this is a popular eatry on campus.

26.Wande Hostel: I can hear Loyo boys saying ‘Olosho Hostel’, no be me talk am oh, na Loyo boys, this is one of the finest Female hostel on campus, it has a great architectural design. This is the hostel for the ‘big’ girls on campus, the hostel was named after Prof.Wande Abimbola, former VC of OAU.

27. Ben Kay: He is a staff of the University, he is in DSA unit, popular mostly among students.

28. MC Hardy: Doctivity once said ‘eyin le so pe, Mc Hardy Opari’ Mc hardy is an alumnus of the University and a popular MC on campus.

29. Voc and Tech Building: This is arguably the finest building on campus, located beside twin hall.

30. Prof.Babalola Borishade Computer/Math Building: The building was built by the former Minister of Aviation Prof.Bola Borishade and it house the computer and math students, it has an LT within it coupled with some offices.

31. Sport Complex: Though still under construction, we have a new turf, some new seats for the audience, a gym etc.

32. Adeyemi Demonstration: AFUED staff school happen to be one of the best in Ondo state, this is why they always win acolade home and abroad, adeyemi Demonstration is located at Ayeyemi,(Mini Campus).

33.Uncompleted Buiding: One of the archaic building on campus, the two story building was design to be a lecture theatre, Offices and Laboratory. The project was awarded during the tenure of Prof.Segun Adesina through the National Commission For Colleges of Education (NCCE).

34.MIS: Management Information System, this is the information Communication Unit (ICT) of the University, the unit has a 300 computer set, it is also one of the three accredited jamb centre in the whole of Ondo Town. MIS is located adjacent Sport complex.

35. Alhaji Allah-Kayi: Alhaji Allah Kayi was a former chairman of the governing council of AFUED. The lecture theatre has the capacity to accormodate 750 people at a time. Alhaji Alhakayi died in 2013.

36. Multi Media Micro Teaching Lab: This building is located around twin hall, while on your way to the University Farm, the lab is used for practical aspect of teaching.

37. PGDE unit: The Post Graduate Diploma in Education unit deal with the post graduate students, who have one programme or the other to do. They receive most of their lecture at the Mini campus at Ayeyemi.

38. Aluta Millenium Market: Located at a popular section of the University called Aluta, this is the place where you can eat, do some photocopy, sow your cloth, mend your shoe, we have the popular eatry called Iya Aanu located in this market.

39. Godswill Akpabio Dean’s Block: The is the office of the dean of Language. The buidling was donated by Mr. Godswill Akpabio to the University:

40. Peter Lasser Shopping Complex: Named after the former executive secretary of NCCE Prof.Peter Lass, the shopping complex is beside the University gate. This is a place students mostly do their photocopy. Motor bikes are also stationed within this building.

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