When the students union lack diplomacy in making decisions it will surely affects the student populace, it is highly barbaric for SUG to play a decision role between the grudges of Vice Chancellor and the Bursar of the University

However, some students were being organized to protest in the favour of the Bursar over the misunderstanding of the two parties, what a nonsensical of its apogee. 

Who made SUG a judge over the management? Since when did the students become partisans that they will choose which administrative staff to support to the detriment of the other? By the way, do they have to support the Bursar against the V.C?
According to Newton’s Third Law, “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, the school management should be careful in reacting to this brainless action of some students led by their SUG-President as not all the students came out for the purposeless exercise.

according to our findings some students are told different thing in order for them to engaged in the protest…

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