The popular student Journalist of Adeyemi College of Education, Emma Daraloye, in an exclusive interview with Compere Omajuwa said
“None, I have never duped any girl sexually, since I was born” 

Emma Daraloye, a versatile journalist who has interviewed over 60 people including Beautiful Nubia,  the Ondo State Commissioner for Women and Social Development, Mrs Olasimi Akindele Odunbaku, Isolate, Subzilla, Leke Lee, Jay Rapiano, Oluwakazzy, among others further said 

“I am not a virgin, you don’t expect me to be a virgin now, Why should I be? Why? Why should I be a virgin?

Meanwhile, the journalist also said 

” I have only been in two relationships, I have no ex, because I never broke up with any  of them, I am single, No ex girlfriend, we just grew apart, I am Single”

When asked about what motivates and keep his journalism spirit high, he said 

“Number 1 is God and you have to do something, there is no girl anywhere, no one is motivating, I motivate myself, I know what is meant to experience poverty. I know what it feels like to eat garri in the morning, garri in the afternoon and Eba in the night…”
For full details of the interview, kindly watch the video by clicking on link below or checking FB page – Omajuwa for link…


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